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Organ and Tissue Donation

Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body from a living or deceased person to a living recipient in need of transplantation. 30 people die every day waiting for a transplant. Organs donated for transplantation may include kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, small bowel and pancreas. Tissues that can be donated are eyes, heart valves, bone, skin, veins and tendons. As of October, 2014, 123,735 people are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplantation. Most organ donations for organ transplantation are done in the setting of brain death. All major religions approve of organ donation. There are no age limits as to who can be an organ donor. Your medical condition at the time of your death determines whether your organs or tissues can be donated. There is no cost to the donor’s family for the harvesting. Open casket viewing is possible following donation, funeral costs are the family’s responsibility. For more information contact your local recovery unit. In St. Lawrence County contact Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (


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