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What can I expect to happen at a military honors service?

A military honors service is for a veteran who has died in the line of duty, retired, or honorably discharged from military service. The deceased is entitled to:
• An honor guard of at least two members, one of which is from the branch of service that the deceased person served (this is called the parent service representative).
• The folding of an American flag by a parent service representative (this flag is provided free to the veteran).
• That flag is then presented to the next of kin.
• The playing of Taps by a bugler or electronic recording.
Everyone in attendance at a military funeral should be dressed respectfully. Casual clothing such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, athletic clothing and the like are frowned upon. Everyone should be comfortable but should also be dressed appropriately. Wear comfortable dress shoes, as these types of services tend to run a little longer than a regular funeral service.
Immediate family members should be in front, as he or she will be the recipient of the folded American flag given as part of the service. Those attending the service should follow the lead of the Honor Guard Detail. Cell phones should be turned off and other electronic devices should be left at home. After the flag has been presented to the next of kin, the service is ended and everyone should leave the service quietly, to show reverence for the deceased and their dedication and sacrifice for their country.


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